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Salem, OR

Renovation, 2019


Owner, Common Crow Natural Market, Gloucester, MA

Allen Seidner has worked with Common Crow since mid-2012 on the design and planning of a new prepared foods department for the expansion of our natural foods grocery. His leadership, humor and kindness throughout the process has brought clarity and positive energy to this overwhelming task. His deep knowledge, insight and technical ease has been a driving force in making our wild wishes and dreams into something that will serve us and our customers!

We hired Allen to plan and build a financially viable and exciting prepared foods program. Grounded in good finance, wrapped in thoroughly mapped operational structure, I feel we are ready to 'just add food' (and the right staff) for a winning department.

Late in the year we hired Allen again to design the layout of our new kitchen and prepared foods service areas. The design was on time, needing very few revisions, well thought out and made incredibly efficient use of the awkward space we had to work with. In contrast with other experiences we've had, we see how exceptional his work quality is.

Allen has an exceptional combination of technical and interpretive skills that worked well for us. His many years working inside of the services he designs makes him a priceless real world resource on so many little decisions that add up to the difference between good and bad ergonomics, and profitable or foolhardy program planning. I feel grateful for the big contribution he made to my business' growth and success.”



VP of Operations, Perelandra Natural Foods, Brooklyn, NY

Allen’s expertise in planning our kitchen renovation and expansion was truly invaluable and he was with us every step of the way through the process.

We could not be happier with the results and Allen’s vast amount of experience in natural foods and food production, and his relationships with other consultants and vendors resulted in a kitchen renovation that was leagues better than we could have done without his help.

He is highly recommended and, if we were to do any similar work in the future, we would work with him again.”


Tacoma, WA

New Store, 2019


New Store, 2018

Renovation, 2016



General Manager

Astoria Co-op, Astoria, OR

Thought for Food provided a structured and meticulously thought-out approach to planning, designing, building, and opening our expanded prepared foods section. Kitchen design is paramount and Allen and his team worked closely with our store to create a kitchen that ties directly to our menu design and food offering. We wowed our customers from day one and we have a facility that can grow with the rest of our business.


Natural foods is highly competitive and the prepared foods we offer are key to differentiating our stores.  From early stages to after-opening Allen and his team never ceased to reflect their passion for what they do and their desire to see our success. The on-the-ground support during a hectic opening was unsurpassed. Our new deli was a big leap for our store, but Michelle brought her experience, confidence, and positive attitude to our store and it made all the difference. There is not a better team out there if you are looking to re-invent or build your prepared foods department!”



Former Store Manager, Boise Co-op, ID

Allen guided us through a radical transformation of the foodservice program and fixture plan at the Boise Co-op.

Under tight deadline pressure, Allen came up to Boise, dissected our existing operation to help us be clear as to which programs were working and which were not. Together, we generated smart and creative ideas for which programs to eliminate, overhaul, and add/emphasize.

He drafted basic menu plans and detailed financial plans for each program, and then drew a completely renovated fixture plan in record time. He basically provided us with a blueprint for foodservice success.

I was particularly impressed with Allen's attention to detail, and leaving no stone un-turned when it came to the complicated business of revamping a $4M/year deli.

He was thoughtful in his approach, and he tailored his consulting to our specific set of issues. I sincerely hope to work with him in the future.”

Grass Valley, CA

Expansion, 2012

New Store, 2007

Brooklyn, NY

Renovation, 2018



Expansion, 2016

Gloucester, MA

New Store, 2015

Montpelier, VT

Renovation, 2012

Burlington, VT

Renovation, 2013

Ashland, OR

Renovation, 2014

Renovation, 2007

Boise, ID

New Store, 2015

Renovation, 2013

Fairfax. CA

New Store, 2016

New Store, 2011

Hockessin, DE

Renovation, 2020

Sacramento, CA

New Store, 2016

Nelson, BC

New Store, 2016

Davis, CA

Renovation, 2020

Glen Cove, NY

New Store, 2020

Astoria, OR

New Store, 2019

Sebastopol, CA

Renovation, 2020

Coeur d’Alene, ID

Renovation, 2020


Former Operations Mgr, City Market Co-op, Burlington, VT

Working with Allen on our Prepared Foods Department reset gave us the final product we were looking for. We had to reduce congestion and drive sales. Allen's design accomplished both. He pushed us to look at several different pieces of the department individually, and then as a whole. It was a long process that gave us what we needed. Thanks, Allen, for your creativity and persistence.”


General Manager, Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, OR

Our goal for a prepared foods department redesign was to alleviate congestion and improve flow, for both customers and service staff. Allen Seidner listened, and combined with his years of experience, Thought for Food rocked with a spot on design! The plan and details are amazing. Many thanks for all of your assistance on this project, Allen!"


Partner, Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax & Mill Valley, CA

Allen has helped us grow our amazing foodservice departments like no one else could have.

Although, I think it helps that he knows us very well (having shopped with us for decades), I attribute the impact he’s had on our programs in both stores to his incredible experience in understanding kitchen/deli operations, inside and out, more than anyone I know.

HIs work is always very informed by data, or tried and true experience. Whether it’s about financial decisions or functionality, you can bet that Allen’s approach to advocating one direction over another has everything to do with his experience, his affinity to take it apart analytically, and his tenacious attention to detail which, in the end, makes it all work for his clients.”