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“Great investment. I can see my department easily recouping the cost in increased sales. Most topics had huge significance. I can see why stores are sending their whole deli leadership teams.”

“Very full of useful content. I learned a lot. Couldn’t be more relevant. Very well organized materials. Subjects tended to build on one another. I leave feeling more experienced and with more energy to create forward change.”

“I felt engaged and pumped up almost the entire time. I feel empowered to begin taking on issues I’ve felt overwhelmed with. I am confident we can do better and am ready to get our team excited and have a sense of pride about our operation.”

Anne Johnson, Deli Manager

Eastside Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

Ixchel Gillman, Kitchen Lead

Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

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3 Seminar Days

of group instruction and conversation

4 Nights Lodging

with hot breakfast at our stylish seminar hotel

(Locals can opt out and save)

2 Store Tours

at best-in-class nearby natural foods stores

3 Lunches & Snacks Galore

scrumptious treats for every diet and taste

2 Amazing Dinners

featuring local and organic ingredients

2 Phone Consultations

pre- and post-seminar,

to personalize your experience

235-Page Handbook

& Digital Docs

key systems, forms and documents with access to download 50+ digital docs

The Seminar Agenda was modified on 2/15/17 is subject to refinements and improvements.

Hosted By

Enjoy exquisite organic catering and a behind-the-scenes store tour hosted by

Good Earth Natural Foods

Before The Seminar

Use the login name and password on your registration receipt to access your Participant Welcome Website to review more details about the seminar, download your Participant Info Packet, and schedule a free pre-seminar consultation.


“One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. The thoroughness of the materials, the pace and exercises kept me and my coworker engaged and eager to participate. We feel ready to tackle our commitments supported with the tools we need to really make change happen."

“A wealth of information. Jam-packed with time-saving ideas. The best seminar I’ve ever attended. If you’ve been a manager for years, or are brand new, this seminar is worth the time and money.”

“Overall, a great training. Lots of great information, with tools to set up your operation for strategic growth. Allen did a good job of keeping things flowing. I learned a lot and plan to send my staff in the future.”

“The presenter was very professional, with great working knowledge and the ability to relate ideas. Each day was full and the content kept me and the other participants engaged. The experience was well worth the time and money invested.”

Foodservice & Kitchen Leaders who want to

  1. Develop new ideas for growing sales and margin

  2. Implement critical systems to plan, track and analyze your operation’s production and labor

  3. Create more effective merchandising displays

  4. Return with fresh eyes, a refreshed spirit and coherent plans for achieving your potential.

Owners & General Managers who want to

  1. Better lead, develop and support their foodservice leaders.

Ray Williams, Store Mgr.

Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

Chris Maher, General Mgr

BriarPatch Food Co-op, Grass Valley, CA

Robyn O'Brien, General Manager

Putney Food Co-op, Putney, VT

Roger Bass, Deli Service Mgr

Central Co-op, Seattle, WA

Rod Rehwinkel, Chef/Prepared Foods Manager

City Market/Onion River Coop, Burlington, VT

“Every segment gave me knowledge to take back to my deli. I am feeling much more confident and so excited and empowered to go back and share and implement all that I have learned. I finally have the knowledge and direction I’ve been looking for.”

“Everything was exactly what I was hoping and more. It will make me a better, more successful manager. Thanks for all the hard work and info, it was really a pleasure.”

“DeliOps presented a complete and cohesive approach to running my deli. This seminar gave me fully workable systems, insight into management strategies, and a profound sense of unlimited potential.”

Chris Opalenik, Deli Team Leader

Franklin Community Co-op, Greenfield, MA

Tara Apprill, Deli Manager

Chequamegon Food Co-op, Ashland, WI

“Extremely informative and motivating. I feel like I'm leaving with a refreshed and knowledgable mindset. I'm anxious to get back and start making some positive changes."

Alyson Weigle, Kitchen Manager

Perelandra Natural Foods, Brooklyn, NY

Day 2

  1. 9:00 am   Recipe Costing & Margin Pricing

  2. Costing “beginners” will explore a variety of recipe costing procedures, discuss tips and tribulations and play a super-fun costing game to ensure everyone leaves clear, confident and capable. Advanced participants will explore variable margin pricing techniques and strategies. 

  3. 11:00 am   Foodservice Financials

  4. Working through a prepared foods case study we’ll deepen your financial skills and give you tools to better teach your team about sales, margin and labor. Plus, systems for effective margin pricing and improving labor productivity.

  5. 12:45 pm   Store Tour & Lunch

  6. Enjoy lunch and a behind-the-scenes tour through the bustling prepared foods operation at Good Earth Natural & Organic Foods. This best-in-class operation features more than two dozen all-organic prepared foods programs.

  7. 3:30 pm   Making Grab & Go, GO!

  8. Explode your sales with a full exploration of this critical and versatile program. We’ll examine the nuts, bolts and nuances  -- from product category plans and plan-o-grams to portioning, garnishing and packaging -- to help you create and consistently present an awesome Grab & Go program.

  9. 5:45 pm   Reception

  10. Drinks and appetizers at Acqua Hotel.

  11. Dinner is on your own.

Seminar Agenda

Day 1

  1. 9:00 am   Your Power, Potential & Opportunity as a Prepared Foods Leader

  2. Assess your department’s big picture priorities and growth opportunities. Through project work with similar-sized operations, we get our minds around a vision for your operation’s potential.

  3. 10:45 am   Structuring For Success: Organizing Your Kitchen Brigade

  4. Using your own department’s data, we’ll explore a range of options for organizing responsibilities among department leaders and staff to determine your operation’s optimal, right-sized structure.

  5. 12:00 pm   Store Tour & Lunch

  6. At Whole Foods Market’s nearby store, one of their oldest and smallest stores, with a tight, well-merchandised and impeccably serviced deli.

  7. 2:00 pm   Essential Systems for Production Planning & Analysis

  8. Systems for optimal production planning and analysis, “Margin Master,” and many more tools and documents for improving your operation.

  9. 4:00 pm   Developing Successful New Products

  10. From that “Eureka!” idea moment to sales of that first perfected batch, recipe costing is just one of 20 steps on this checklist for guiding your new product development process -- and ensuring new items are successful.

  11. 5:45 pm   Evening Break

  12. Hang out or hop on a free hotel bike to ride the waterfront path next to our hotel.

  13. 6:30 pm   Dinner at Robata Grill

  14. Honoring the tradition of sharing appetizer-size portions to feast on a variety of authentic Japanese dishes.

  1. merchandising, to food prep and production plans, we’ll cover the gambit of what it takes to make your hot foods program a destination for your customers.

  2. 12:30 pm – Catered Hot Lunch

  3. Dining al fresco, on the bay.

  4. 1:30 pm   Service, Merchandising, &tc.

  5. Ideas for creating merchandising magic, upgrading your service mojo, and other juicy systems, docs and tidbits.

  6. 2:15 pm   Small Group Sessions

  7. Choose from several small-group break-out conversations, topics nominated by participants.

  8. 3:00 pm   Growth Is the Elixir

  9. Commonly overlooked principles for incrementally growing and improving any foodservice operation.

  10. 4:00 pm   Plans For Change

  11. Breakthrough strategies to help you identify priorities -- from which you’ll develop an agenda, timeline and plans for making the most of your seminar experience.

  12. 5:00 pm   Endings & Evaluations

  13. Final thoughts and evaluations.

  14. 5:30 pm   Evening Break

  15. 6:30 pm   Dinner At Avatar’s

  16. Your tastebuds will dance on flavor-packed Indian-Caribbean fusion sensations, made with organic and local ingredients. You’ll meet the owner and see an amazing amount of food produced in the smallest of kitchens.

Day 3

  1. 9:00 am   Snappy Sandwiches

  2. Strategies and secrets for developing menus for renowned service, grab-and-go and other sandwich programs.

  3. 10:45 am – Blazing Hot Foods

  4. From menu planning, plan-o-grams and


A foodservice operations and development intensive

designed specifically for natural foods retailers

Acqua Hotel

555 Redwood Highway

Mill Valley, CA  94941

(415) 380-0400

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Produced & Presented by

Allen Seidner


Joe McGarry


Seats On Sale Dec. 5


Who’s This Seminar For?

Organic fair-trade coffee, tea and treats generously provided by Equal Exchange


”DeliOps is a comprehensive training that’s well organized and relevant for a wide array of experience levels – from deli leaders just starting their career, to those already leading a successful operation. I enjoyed that the content was delivered with wisdom, wit and humor.”

Michelle O’Connor

Moxie Consulting, Ashland, OR

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